A&O wall bookshelf AlexandrOlovskiy Art Nouveau Art Deco Jugendstyle

This elegant crystal shelf is specially created for those who have already appreciated our products. From our experience, we know how important it is to place jewelry (books, flowers, vases, figurines, porcelain) in a room so that every guest can notice it, appreciate it.  To do this, the shelf must be transparent, it must be well lit at all times of day, it itself must be beautiful.

Also we know how important it is to be able to make the wall bookshelf exactly the right size - no more, no less.

Attention! - The design allows two mounting options "straight" and "upside down". Included with the lamp, this gives you the opportunity to give light from below or above the shelf.

Please learn by heart the emergency phone number and first aid methods - the neighbors will die of envy.

And so...

Size? - Whatever size you want. As you can see, the size is "dimensionless." The length and width are exactly what you need. You just buy a glass shelf in your city in the size you want (the thickness of tempered glass 6mm - 10mm). If you need to have a shelf length of 3 meters? - easy. You just need to buy a set of not two, but three shelf brackets.

design? - the design is interesting. For example, the design provides the ability to fix the glass shelf at a slight angle. Or not to press its back wall tightly to the wall (this is important when dusting).

light? - easy. There is a modification "wall light", in five different versions. And you'll have both lighting and wall bookshelf at the same time.

wood color? - Please see the palette. And take your pick. We use solid natural wood and treat it with natural linseed oil with various additives.

bathroom shelf? - AlexandrOlovskiy crystal shelf can be used in the bathroom

Accessories. Important.

The package includes 2 ps hanging shelf - modernized ledge AlexanderOlovskiy + 4 adjustable fasteners to fix the glass shelf (outwardly everything is simple, but in fact there are many important changes). The glass shelf itself of the required length and width of 6-8mm thickness you need to buy separately. We are not greedy and not lazy, but when you deliver the glass will probably break, and the curtain rod will break.

At the same time were born -

a) rings for the curtain rod - AlexandrOlovskie Ducklings

b) wall coat rack AlexandrOlovskaya

c) Alexander-Olovski wall lamps in five modifications.

We think, speak and play with words in Russian. And poorly translated by google.

If we parents don't tell our children "what is good and what is bad," "the street" or "TV" will do it instead. The home, the interior of the home in which children grow up, is the most important part of forming the aesthetic taste of children, their uniqueness.  We want the world around us to be not "flat and gray" (not "Scandinavian style"), but beautiful. At the end of the 19th century La Belle Époque came into the world as "new art", Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Jugendstil, a new phenomenon was born - art nouveau furniture, this was before "midcentury modern furniture". France, Austria, Britain, Germany and Russia gave the world wonderful artists and masters of applied arts. Museums and streets of New York, Paris, Vienna, St. Petersburg, London and Moscow still keep examples of the work of such artists and masters as  Alphonse Mucha, Homar Gaspar, Roman Tyrtov and Louis Majorelle. Devoting their creativity to beautiful women, the masters created amazingly beautiful interior items, including room divide screens, dressing screens. We create our goods based on the drawings of the old masters. 

Our handmade furniture is brand new and smells pleasantly of natural wood and oil. Unlike art or commission art furniture, restored furniture or antiques, new pieces will not bring the spirit of the old owners and their insects into your home.

Please note the following -

1. Shipping is included in the price, even across the Atlantic Ocean
2. Russian customs our products pass normally. But some illiterate foreign customs officials take our products for high-end antiques.
3. All our products we make in four hands, "you and me, and me and you". This imposes restrictions on the speed of work, especially since, in addition to work, we still like to eat, sleep, walk around and generally beautiful and interesting to live.
4. We think and speak in Russian, and in English we write "with a dictionary" (not Google and not Melkosoft), so that, with our sense of humor and love for the game with words, we can not vouch for the accuracy of translation.
5. In the product itself there is not a single gram of "made in China" (only the packaging applies tape from China). All made in Russia.
6. We make products from natural wood. The screen is made of the highest grade birch plywood, treated with environmentally friendly teak linseed oil - you can even chew it with your teeth, it won't taste good, but it is harmless to your health. Stained glass windows are made of unbreakable polycarbonate glass. Stained glass paints are top grade Pebeo.
7. Quality - we represent Russia, and therefore we are responsible to the quality of our products. Of course, "there are failures of old men too," "the horse with four legs, and that stumbles". But we have never had any complaints about the quality of the goods. You can compare our prices and quality with the hackwork that is often offered in other stores -

We had one unpleasant situation - in the U.S., a wife without her husband's consent ordered our product, the goods were delivered, he took it and his wife's choice did not approve, raged and deliberately, deliberately broke our beautiful A & O graceful elegant room divider or privacy screen a-la Homar Gaspar. Upon arriving home, my wife, instead of taking care of her husband's education, made a claim against us for shipping damage - Amazon has corrupted U.S. shoppers. The pictures of the damage to the goods were perfectly visible, as well as the sequence in which they broke our product - it is natural wood, there is no way to hide it. There were no photos of the damaged packaging. We would have understood and sympathized with the unhappy wife and her despotic husband. But trying to make unfounded accusations with Russia does not work. Nevertheless, the wife realized her wrongdoing and we ended up sending a replacement for the damaged part, which the husband paid for shipping.
8. Packaging - knowing what barbarians work in the U.S. mail and customs, we try to pack our goods well - for each item a separate box is made from plywood 6mm or 4.5mm thick fiberboard. We carried out stress-testing - one of the parcels was sent to the USA, delivered to the buyer's door (who went to another country and was not able to receive the parcel), and then the parcel was returned to Russia. Thus, the parcel was subjected to a double load - it went through customs four times and made the way "back and forth". The shipment arrived without damage, but the box was damaged by the U.S. customs (they, unlike the Russian customs, are not able to look through walls). Nevertheless, we are not responsible for the barbaric customs of foreign countries -

9. In the United States, many people do not know the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco. We think that our room divider panels are Art Nouveau, but if you don't see the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, then it turns out that we are making an art deco room divider.

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A&O wall bookshelf AlexandrOlovskiy Art Nouveau Art Deco Jugendstyle

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