The bed shouldn't knock the neighbors about the royal passions in your bed!

The idea came from reading an article  that had a picture of one Viking queen bed  -

We make various pieces of room decor,

most often art nouveau furniture. We have already made tables, chairs, armchairs, lamps. But so far we haven't had a bed in our range. A bed is a very demanding job. When you create a Belle Époque style room decor, you inevitably have to look for art nouveau furniture or art deco furniture in a similar style. But we live in the 21st century, so we have to look for such furniture in antique stores, like commission art. This is quite expensive, but most importantly, especially for a bed, "not clean", not hygienic - who used to sleep on a bed found in an antique store? With what thoughts? Who died and from what? How sturdy is such a bed, will it stand up to your royal passions? Our answer is "you want it done well = do it yourself." So - handmade furniture, as elegant and unique as possible.

Everyone knows one of the Art Nouveau era pictures,

an amazing mix of stylized royal lions and "Belle epoque" -

We had already used this interesting picture

when we were making a partition with windows and doors between the studio and the library -

The article was the impetus for this - we are proposing to make a Viking royal couple bed.

Like the real Vikings, we will use solid oak and linseed oil. But we will offer the client to sleep in a soft and comfortable environment. We won't dictate to the client "the bed is made for an X by Y mattress size." It will be the other way around - the customer will tell us which mattress they want to sleep on and we will make the bed with that in mind, at least that will be the case with the first one. What are the maximum dimensions? = you will be enough, 3000*3000mm. The main problem is your budget and delivery capabilities.

We know from experience that a bed needs electricity. Don't get us wrong, we only need it for lights and charging phones. Like ourselves in our bedroom, our new bed will have the ability to feed our personal tamogotchis (iPhones, etc.). A light fixture could also be integrated.

The pictures are sketches of the project for the 2200*2000*250mm mattress.

Execution - it is assumed "two colors", examples of implementation please see our products -

The order is as follows

  • 1. Project start. You go buy a mattress you like. Please do not be stingy, do not buy in Ikea. For a delicious and healthy, active life, the mattress should be no less than 200mm thick, in a good case - 250-400mm. Please keep in mind that in doing so, you determine the size requirements of the sheets for many years to come. For example, our bed is 2000*2200mm and the mattress is 300mm thick. This means that the sheet size should be (300*4+2000)*(300*4+2200)=3200*3400mm. These are not for sale. We have no one to ask, so we sew our own sheets. By order we can sew and for you, including fabrics from the collection of William Morris. While you buy a mattress and frame for it, we prepare drawings. The cost of this step is $500. At the end of this step, you send us the exact dimensions of the mattress base you bought and the exact thickness of the mattress.
  • Examples of a mattress are here.
  • Examples of the mattress base are here.
  • We finalize the drawings based on the dimensions you send us and go buy the right material. The cost of this step is $700. The material will be solid oak or ash, thickness 20 and 40 mm.
  • We make the entire product, assemble it and send you detailed photos. At the end you pay the rest of the contract price and we ship the order.

Important -

we don't use "made in China" parts. We try to make things so that they will go to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The price, of course, will not be 100USD. It will be much more. To be or not to be your order? - help in deciding.

Material - oak, beech or ash, depending on the circumstances and the choice of color.

You may ask - ha, it's a picture, but what will be the result?

We'll answer - in Russia, words are not thrown around, "said = done". That was an unfortunate example of the chair in the Musée d'Orsay (the drawbacks - uncomfortable angle of reclining the back, impossibility to change the upholstery, lack of ventilation in the back area, only one copy that is not for sale) and our answer - A&O graceful elegant Art Nouveau chair on the verge of Art Deco "Alexandrolovskaya Champagne Saucer with heel", which has no such disadvantages.

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Bed Frame King Size in Art Nouveau

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