This frame is literally as created for use as a door trim in Art Nouveau style.

Reminder, in this section - OUR, A&O, wish list.

In the last issue of our present and future epic, we talked about Art Nouveau style windows trim, handmade furniture. However, the question is - is it furniture or not furniture? Where does furniture end and non-furniture begin? Get out of this difficult situation is simple - let's call it all room decor.

Room decor in the style of Art Nouveau or Art Deco? - That depends on how you look at it.

If the windows are the eyes of the house, the facade is the face of the house, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then what are the doors? At the time of this writing, the author is impermissibly, reprehensibly sober to develop this theme.

On the example of our house,

that is, the house in which we, A&O, live, let us show the project. Unfortunately, our house was formed more than 20 years ago, when all our thoughts were devoted to raising our children and making money. Even then, all the good things had to do themselves -

but room decor was mostly purchased. Here, too, the doors were bought. Mahogany? - Yes, and nowadays it is a problem. Now that the kids are grown and our knowledge and skills have matured to the point of being able to "make beautiful things ourselves," we could make ourselves new doors. But where to get the right size and thickness of mahogany? - In the nineties it was easier. Besides, what to do with the "old" doors? Selling impossible, to throw away miserable. We have to live with them.

A compromise option - to make a new frame for the door, a new door trim in the style of Art Nouveau.

Nothing of the kind to buy in an antique store is not possible, in the section art commission, too. Let's take an Art Nouveau photo frame by an unknown author "La Belle Époque" as a base.

This frame is literally as created for use as a door trim in Art Nouveau style -

it can be divided into three parts, made with the desired direction of the wood fibers, and assembled. In the upper part you can make three through windows between the rooms, close these windows with stained glass. Agree, "with a light touch" ordinary doors are transformed into doors, door trim in the Art Nouveau style -

Complications? - Well, not without them. We have electrical switches, they are next to the door. The suggested door trim will take the place of the chandelier switch.  If the door trim won't cover the light switch, that's fine. If it does, that's fine. And if it does, but only partially? Yes, as comrade Woodhouse often said when we met the author, "you're going to have to think about it. This is a problem that must be solved. It is this circumstance that prevents the realization of this project for us personally "right now. For ourselves, we will look for another solution, another picture as a prototype. Eli to make a new model of the electric switch instead of the existing one. Of course, it is a tempting prospect to create an electric switch made of natural wood in the Art Nouveau style, but so far the muse has not brought us his form. Various options are being discussed, see below.

All said (among the circumstances that prevent us to make such a set of door trim in the Art Nouveau style personally for themselves) does not prevent the proposed option door trim to order the customer. Other Art Nouveau door trim options, such as the window version, are also available to order. There are many variations. You can find Art Deco style as well.

The color options are according to the palette,

birch -

oak -

Variants of execution "two colors" are possible. Possible variants of color - according to the pattern, which you have to think up or find. All in your hands.

You can make LED lights in the top panel where the flowers are. This configuration is +$600.

In the side, left or right, you can make an electric switch. For a regular plastic switch, you can just make a hole. Well, we can make an Art Nouveau style electric switch from one of these key designs -

An electric switch like this = +$400.

The main difficulty, as always, is the state racket at the borders (customs) and the capabilities of the Post Office in terms of dimensions. But these are surmountable difficulties.

The project price is specified for the Birch variant, for the door size dimensions - H. 190,0 ; L. 80,0 cm. The project will consist of five large pieces. One side of the door.

Material - oak, beech or ash, depending on the circumstances and the choice of color.

To be or not to be your order? - help in deciding.

You may ask - ha, it's a picture, but what will be the result?

We'll answer - in Russia, words are not thrown around, "said = done". That was an unfortunate example of the chair in the Musée d'Orsay (the drawbacks - uncomfortable angle of reclining the back, impossibility to change the upholstery, lack of ventilation in the back area, only one copy that is not for sale) and our answer - A&O graceful elegant Art Nouveau chair on the verge of Art Deco "Alexandrolovskaya Champagne Saucer with heel", which has no such disadvantages.

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Door, door trim in Art Nouveau style

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