The windows are the eyes of the house

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. The facade is the face of the house. The windows are the eyes of the house. They are not like us. We are not like you. Does it follow that modern homes have no soul? Definitely yes. "Terrible on the face, good on the inside is what we are left with in today's realities. Neither we nor you can make our windows beautiful on the outside - the guardians of morality and law and order, lawmen of all stripes, will come running. It remains to make the windows beautiful on the inside. Many do so - decorate the windows with lambrequins, curtains, curtain rods. The fantasy of modern designers tries to roll up everything in the iPhone-like concrete of Scandinavian design. We countered this sad trend last year with our beautiful curtain rod holders, one of which is made from sketches by the artist Alphonse Mucha. These curtain rails as handmade furniture in the art nouveau style were appreciated on three continents. Can we do more? - "yes, yes, yes". Would it be boring? - "no, no, no."

You've all seen such elements of room decor

as picture frames posed by beautiful women in elegant gowns and manly men -



and this is just a small part of what was created by the artists of "La Belle Époque".

One day, about a year ago, we were asked -"How do you like this lambrequin?" -

By the way, it's not Paris, it's Moscow, the Ryabushinsky mansion. We answered discreetly, with a series of our cutrain rod. And this, by the way, is not the end - there, on the ceiling, is clearly drawn our future frame for the mirror. Every time I saw a picture of the La Belle Époque picture frames, I couldn't help but itched to apply them to the windows. And at the beginning of 2022 one of our Vienna buyers - we thank him very much for this impulse in our development - asked us a question: "Can you do this"? We could do it. Now it's hard to stop. Note, we will not offer you this "horror flying on the wings of night", modern solutions like this -

in the sense of modern computer technology, hackneyed 3-D models, and it's all over these ladies' faces. With women in general, and with women's heads and faces in particular, you have to be very careful. Maybe in the days of "La Belle Époque" women thought less about their careers, and maybe less about money, but they looked nicer in these kinds of images.

Art Nouveau window frame

We present a project, an Art Nouveau window frame. Real, authentic Art Nouveau. We're making new pieces of room decor (not antique decor) as an alternative to Art Nouveau. Those picture frames that used to be just picture frames can be turned into Art Nouveau window framing.

Example number 1 on the basis of an ordinary KBE metal-plastic window -

Example number 2 on the basis of an ordinary KBE metal-plastic window -

Example number 3 on the basis of an ordinary KBE metal-plastic window -

Example number 1 on the basis of our window with a balcony -

Example number 2 on the basis of our window with a balcony -

Example number 3 on the basis of our window with a balcony -

  • is it possible to make it for outside use? - Yes, it is possible. It takes around 2 weeks longer and is around 1.5 times more expensive. This is due to the need for additional protection from rain, sun, etc. nasties
  • Is it possible to apply all of this to the door? - Yes, it is possible. A similar proposal will be devoted to this topic
  • As always, the main difficulty - the state racket at the borders (customs) and the possibility of the Post in terms of dimensions. But these are surmountable difficulties.

The price, of course, will not be 100USD. It will be much more. To be or not to be your order? - help in deciding.

Material - oak, beech or ash, depending on the circumstances and the choice of color.

You may ask - ha, it's a picture, but what will be the result?

We'll answer - in Russia, words are not thrown around, "said = done". That was an unfortunate example of the chair in the Musée d'Orsay (the drawbacks - uncomfortable angle of reclining the back, impossibility to change the upholstery, lack of ventilation in the back area, only one copy that is not for sale) and our answer - A&O graceful elegant Art Nouveau chair on the verge of Art Deco "Alexandrolovskaya Champagne Saucer with heel", which has no such disadvantages.

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Window trim in Art Nouveau style

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