• Etagère a-la LOUIS MAJORELLE #2

In English, translators (a-la google)

do not know the translation for Etagère. They suggest Shelf and its derivatives. But the word is "Etagère," a diminutive and almost affectionate way of combining many floors (houses) into one word.  Etagère is usually used as a display case, to place china, room decor.

There is only one version of this picture

on the internet that is this small. They write that this piece of art furniture is valued at $27500 - $32500. I quote - "LOUIS MAJORELLE (1859 - 1926) marquetry étagère with flowers and frogs, France, ca. 1900, unmarked, 75in x 40in x 17in Etagère - Price Estimate: $27500 - $32500 Art nouveau furniture, Art nouveau interior, Art deco furniture" -

The shape is pleasing to our eye.

Very pleased with the small, even small thickness of the intermediate shelves. We will not promise the impossible, we will not try to do inlay, marquetry. And we won't find good quality mahogany, nor will we find "American walnut". But we can make a version in beech, birch (which is the material we use to make products that resemble mahogany as much as possible), oak, and ash. Instead of the central panel, where LOUIS MAJORELLE used inlay, we will offer textile. The textile of the central part can be matched with the wall panels and other fragments of your room decor. Or you can make a stained-glass window, as in the case of our butterfly -

or an A&O graceful elegant room divider or privacy screen a-la Homar Gaspar

Moreover, LOUIS MAJORELLE just wasn't lucky,

he didn't catch the LED era, we can make the back side of this center panel with LED lighting - then the stained glass or textiles will be backlit and act as a floor light, and the china and other objects will have good contour lighting. Or as another option, make a door in the central part -

The original

75in height = 1900mm (approximately). It won't fit in the Russian Post dimensions. But USP can deliver. Or you can make the height 1480mm. And even with UPS shipping it will be much cheaper than the "Price Estimate: $27500 - $32500".

The price, of course, will not be 100USD. It will be much more. To be or not to be your order? - help in deciding.

The approximate maximum height will be 1480mm. - It depends on the chosen method of delivery.

Material - oak, beech or ash, depending on the circumstances and the choice of color.

You may ask - ha, it's a picture, but what will be the result?

We'll answer - in Russia, words are not thrown around, "said = done". That was an unfortunate example of the chair in the Musée d'Orsay (the drawbacks - uncomfortable angle of reclining the back, impossibility to change the upholstery, lack of ventilation in the back area, only one copy that is not for sale) and our answer - A&O graceful elegant Art Nouveau chair on the verge of Art Deco "Alexandrolovskaya Champagne Saucer with heel", which has no such disadvantages.

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Etagère a-la LOUIS MAJORELLE #2

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