This cabinet stands in the corner of one of the halls of the Hermitage.

It is necessary to separately note

the breadth of the Russian soul and the quality of its work - compare the work of the Hermitage site with "competing firms" (let's not point the finger at French museums) and die of envy. In the description of the exhibit, there is no information about the author. It doesn't matter at all what to use such a cabinet for - books, clothes, dishes.

We like the shape of the cabinet doors.

Beautiful workmanship. Of course if you try to repeat it there will be problems with the glass - we don't belong to the "Imperial family", so no one will make such glass for us. But we can replace the metal elements with wood. Apart from the shape of the doors themselves, there is nothing interesting here. This shape would be a good solution not only for a closet, but also for a compartment door, a sliding door.
We can do this.

Taking into account ergonomics and the requirements of the Russian Post (for maximum dimensions), we would suggest not making two doors in the cabinet, but four - the lower part of the cabinet should be equipped with separately made doors.

The price, of course, will not be 100USD. It will be much more. To be or not to be your order? - help in deciding.

The approximate maximum height will be 1600-1800mm. - It depends on the chosen method of delivery.

Material - oak, beech or ash, depending on the circumstances and the choice of color.

You may ask - ha, it's a picture, but what will be the result?

We'll answer - in Russia, words are not thrown around, "said = done". That was an unfortunate example of the chair in the Musée d'Orsay (the drawbacks - uncomfortable angle of reclining the back, impossibility to change the upholstery, lack of ventilation in the back area, only one copy that is not for sale) and our answer - A&O graceful elegant Art Nouveau chair on the verge of Art Deco "Alexandrolovskaya Champagne Saucer with heel", which has no such disadvantages.

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Art Nouveau cabinet #2

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