What, how and with what we make

What materials do we use?

Different, but all natural. Head and hands, hand and power tools. Wood, silk, linen, cotton, leather, oil, wax, glass, thread, stained glass paints. Some materials are unique, such as white oil. We try not to use products made in China. We are responsible about the choice of materials, reliability tests, tastings.

Why don't we use paint or varnish?

We are not young people, we want to do any thing once and for all. Paint (varnish) is always laid "on top", therefore, sooner or later scratched, flies off, falls off. A butter and wax always go "inside" the wood, so even after 20-50 years, any product is enough to wipe the top again with oil, wax, and it will be fine.

What are the quality guarantees?

We make goods "with a conscience". We do goods for the buyer even better than we do for ourselves-we can forgive the small defects, and when we do it for the buyer we have to try harder. But if you want, you can break everything.  All of our products, since they are made by hand and from natural materials, can be repaired if broken.  Let's not deceive anyone - given the distance when broken, we can only help the buyer with advice, instructions. So it makes absolutely no sense to say anything about returns.

Where do reviews come from?

Reviews are made up by customers. We sell our products on various platforms and we collect all the compliments we receive here. "доброе слово и кошке приятно." There were reasons to be upset about the delivery time, postal vandalism -

one customer broke one lamp (screwed the wrong way), but there were no complaints about the quality of our work.

Why do we pay little attention to photos?

There are only two of us and we always have to make a choice - to spend a lot of time on making a photo studio, photos, or to come up with and make a new product. Our choice is a new product.