These are the simplest textile inserts for a fold room divider. However, they too can have a twist - it's just a matter of your imagination. For example, on the eve of Valentine's Day, I suddenly had the idea to animate the fold room divider with fresh flowers - not to primitively sew them on (and let them die), but to give them life and water.


0. world premiere - a built-in vase for flowers. Well, not a vase, but a vessel for water. It is neatly placed on the back of the section and allows you to give life and water to the flower, prolonging its life. Without the flower, the textile section would be fine, too. But it will be better with a flower. The markup to the base cost is +50USD.

1. material of manufacture - made of natural fabrics, cotton, linen, silk

2. colors - you can send us pictures of the places where you plan to use a fold room divider, tell us about your color preferences and we will help you to choose textiles - the range is huge, and we have good taste. The price range is also wide, for example, a real Iranian brocade with gold embroidery can cost several thousand dollars per meter. Simple (cotton, linen) solutions cost 50USD per section.

3. The price -  is for one textile section (insert) for one module (section) of the folding room divider. These products can also be used as a wall panel - a set of fasteners is included.

4. All of these products take time to produce - 5-10 days. And if you have to search for and order fabrics, it may be longer. But it is interesting.

5. All of these sections - can be used in folding room divider, which you have to buy separately (because there are many material and color options).

6. You can  order the number of sections of your choice.

7. There is a "main" section,  and there are "companions". They can be combined in any order and (almost) any number.

8. In contrast to antique products our products are always new, clean, smell nice, do not bear the traces of someone else's life.

9. Payment, packing and shipping - see details  and FAQ. Courier delivery in 4-7 days costs extra 146USD for  a set of three sections.

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A&O simple textiles for folding room divider #1

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