Sadness and longing reigns in the curtain rod market.

So we took the Art Nouveau ornaments catalog and created a collection of new Curtain rod bracket or wall hooks.

Introducing A&O Curtain rod bracket AleksandrOlovkiy, sketches by Alphonse Mucha

1. Made of solid natural wood. Ecologically clean - processed with linseed oil.
2. can be different colors (walnut, natural, mahogany, black) -

3. easily and securely fastened to the wall
4. looks light and openwork, but is strong enough to withstand flowerpots, heavy curtains
5. You can use three rows of Curtain rod (two 5/8 diameter and one 1 1/8) at the same time
6. no screws anywhere are visible (they are not), Curtain rod securely fixed due to the natural elasticity of wood
7. several variations of rings for curtain rod rings are possible
8. on the basis of this model of Curtain rod bracket are also made -
8.1. five models of lamps
8.2 coat rack with and without lamps
8.3. shelves for home decoration or books, with or without lamps

What is sold in other stores under the name of "curtain bracket" is, to put it very mildly, "rarely worthy of admiration". Our products are of a different kind - they are simply beautiful. And they're not cheap.

Anyway, there's not much more to say - the A&O graceful elegant curtain bracket à la "Belle Époque" speaks for itself.

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A&O graceful elegant curtain bracket wall hook à la "Belle Époque" #9 AleksandrOlovkiy

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