Shipping, packing and payment

Delivery -  is a pain.

Yes, of course, it's better now than even ten years ago. But after all, in the 14th century a letter from Austria to Rome only took about 40 hours. We have to spend more money on shipping and packing than we do on the work materials themselves. Current news about the possibilities of standard delivery by the Russian Post (countries that do not want to receive our goods are highlighted in red)

Free shipping -

Usually the price of shipping is already included in the price of the item. It's not rush (non-urgent) delivery by the national postal service. If the quality of presidents is compared by the quality of postal services (this is a flawed method), our president (would be) better. Russian Post loses parcels less often than USPS, shows quality of parcel movement, its work cannot be stopped by snow, rain, epidemic. In a good case, such a delivery takes about 20 days. But it can be worse, especially when USPS + COVID19 = 2-3 months.

Urgent shipping -

For urgent cases, we know how to ship by courier. Yes, it's expensive. But even in this case, we ask the customer to pay only a portion of the extra shipping costs. However, the result is excellent - shipping can take as little as four (4) days!

Packaging -

The packaging (now) we make for ourselves. From plywood and/or fiberboard. The weight of the packaging may even be more than the product itself. In fact, for each product has to make another box. We do not and will not have branded "fun colors" stickers. You have to put up with it.

Customs -

When we send goods by the "free shipping" method, the sender = private person, the recipient = private person = gift, in this case there is no legal entity. The cost for customs we declare minimal. Our buyers have never had any problems.
When we send the goods by "courier delivery" method, the sender = legal person. A legal person can't do a gift. In this case we have to specify customs codes and with this in mind to specify the value of the goods. But in this case, too, we try to indicate the minimum possible customs value (we know about the limits of 200 euros, etc.). Nevertheless, the buyer should understand that the parcels from legal entities are controlled more carefully by the customs and they want to rob you on behalf of your government.

Historical note - Customs as a phenomenon grew out of bandits on the roads. The Queen of England did not use a new technique with the pirate Drake, but a well-known method of using pirates to enrich the state treasury.

The reliability of our packaging?  - U.S. Customs is working in a barbaric way. These ill-mannered people simply tear off a piece of the box and look inside the package. Then that box goes to the customer. By comparison, Russian Customs, for all its faults, inspects the box without damaging it, using special technical means, then affixes a small "do not open!" stamp and sends the parcel on its way.

The U.S. Post is even worse - these barbarians just leave the box at the door.

And we live and work in Russia and work well. No, do not even persuade, we will not conduct a "special operation" to bring order to the U.S. - this is the problem of Americans. The reliability of the packaging of our goods has reached such heights that even barbarians could not damage our goods in two attempts. This fact was checked by us by carrying out a test - once a parcel was sent with the goods "Shirma a la Gaspar Homar", it reached the buyer's house in the USA (who was in China at that time and could not receive the parcel) and came back. So the parcel traveled "there" and "back", by plane, went through customs four times and we inspected it with interest when we received it - the goods are undamaged, the box has deformations. We can show you the pictures if you like -

Payment, Taxes -

We are trying hard not to get your personal information - we don't need it. We won't send you advertising, we won't sell your data to anyone - we're not interested in that at all. We don't want your taxes either.
We don't plan to sell a lot of goods - we don't need to. We don't plan to sell automatically, "like a robot" - we put our soul into our products and therefore tend to communicate with each client individually and personally. Almost every client has his own wishes and ideas. Therefore, before accepting payment we will communicate with the client, discuss the details of the order and possible payment options. For example, via SWIFT, direct transfer between bank cards, or Coronapay. Other payment methods are possible, which we are willing to discuss. Please keep in mind that in Russia tax rates can be low (e.g. VAT+PIT+etc=4%). We pay our taxes in our own country.

How do we like current events?

Thanks to Comrade Biden's personal concern for our success (no doubt because of envy - presidents of all countries have always been banned from our store) we currently do not sell on Etsy and Ebay, and Paypal does not work. That doesn't stop us from being successful. We fulfill unique private orders, photos of which are not yet posted on the site as goods. Payment for our work is done in different ways, discussed in correspondence.