A story about Americans trying to sell their family problem

At one point a lady from the USA visited our store and enthusiastically bought our A&O graceful elegant room divider or privacy screen a-la Homar Gaspar. We kindly sent a free airmail parcel to the U.S., the goods were delivered very quickly - about 2 weeks. And suddenly, one day (!!!) after the delivery of the goods, we get an email -

Hello Alol, you received a message from Liema.
The problem: A damaged or defective product.
The ideal solution: I want my money back.

Please check these pictures.

I want a full refund on my payment.
Obviously, I am very disappointed.

We are very disappointed. We packaged the item well before shipping. Took all possible safety precautions - foam, 9mm plywood stiffening ribs. When we made the first parcels back in 2019, there were cases when the goods came damaged. Customers always (there were only two cases) were sorry, but always asked for help with repairs, replacements and we always helped. Given that no one in the world besides us makes such goods, it was understandable. And then there's this.....

The pictures at first sent bad -

This has already become interesting. Who better than us to know how the product was packaged, what it was made of. Looking at these damages, we wanted to know how exactly the packaging was damaged? The answer to that question was this

You received a message from Liema.
Good morning from DC,
Thanks for your prompt response.
I never experienced this kind of problems before so didn't remember to take photos of the bad damaged package.
Now we will evaluate how much damage on the screen panels and will let you know our decision.

No, really? Once again you ask and once again you get an answer -

You got a message from Liema.
Hi Oleg,
The package was in very damaged condition. My husband opened the packing.  Didn't have the experience to take photos of the damaged packing.  He threw away the package pieces.

Important - it turned out that "my wife was not at home, my husband took the package". Back then, we hadn't yet had time to do a stress test and were very trusting -

At our request, new photos were taken -

I myself often have to break leftover material before throwing it away and I know exactly what, how and with what effort breaks. To break something like that you have to not just break the packaging, but put it between two chairs and jump on it, but even that doesn't guarantee success - try breaking a 9mm thick, 80mm wide, 560mm long plank put on the rib. After all, at the time of shipment the packaging was like this -

I had to spend time and effort and get a video of the delivery of the package. Here it is, the parcel at the time of delivery -

Agree, other than the hole in the corner by US Customs, there is no damage.

With this data we did a little investigation of how, by what efforts and in what directions to get the damage that was shown in the pictures. It turns out like this -

Unlike American presidents, Russians "look up to the top,"

are meticulous and prone to being nerdy when examining evidence. In this case, we reported the problem to the Russian Post. The Russian Post demanded an explanation from the USPS and received one. Here is the official written response -

In the response, the important part is highlighted in red. It is translated as "At the request of the Russian Post the US Post asked the recipient of the package (recipient) to confirm or deny that the package was damaged. The addressee (recipient of the parcel) "has not confirmed the fact".

And it's impossible to make such movements and apply such efforts before unpacking the parcel. Started talking further,

25.04.2022 16:33, liema writes:
> Hi Oleg,
> All noted and understood.

Do not ask "why and why" - it's our world-famous "mysterious Russian soul", but we ended up sending a free replacement for the damaged centerpiece.