A&O workshop idea is that any element of home decor needs a newness, a revitalization. And we came up with a folding screen in which you can use interchangeable textile panels, while the textile panels themselves can be used as wall décor. On its own, without textiles, this model has no style of its own, well, except "not Scandinavian style" and "not iPhone style." Style comes with textiles.

With our products you can change the wall décor in 5 minutes, change the decor of a folding screen, change their places, etc., etc., your imagination has a lot to do. - Your imagination has plenty of room to run wild. You can even take our décor with you on a trip - a folding screen of three sections weighs less than 5kg and easily fits almost any car. The main thing is to start.

It is easy to begin. You need to look at yourself, at your home, at our collection of textiles, and make a choice - how many and what color you need sections of fold room divider? There can be from two to, say, ten. The usual choice is three, and we even offer a special collection of "trio" textiles. But for the stained glass version, four sections are probably better suited. And someone needs to really divide the room into several parts and then if necessary we can offer special ways of attaching to the wall, etc. And the interior of the cafe? Gosh, where have the "cabinets" in the cafe gone? Well, how can you make a proposal to your beloved woman in modern cafes and restaurants? - When the neighbors' ears and elbows don't go into our plates.

In contrast to antique products, our products are always new, clean, smell nice, do not bear the traces of someone else's life.


0. world premiere - sections-curtains, the entire structure is 100% our design, from the first splinter to the last splinter, made so that time (if possible) was not in control - specially designed forms and ways of connecting the parts perfectly holds even without glue (and we have fixed them with glue, too). The design allows for quick textile changes

1. material of manufacture - birch, plywood. This is an excellent choice of material. We can also use oak. The price for one oak section is 335USD.

2. colors - according to the palette

2.1. two-colors vesions are possible - combinations of color 4 with other colors (additional fee +45USD)

3. processing method - environmentally friendly linseed oil. Yes, there is even a white color

4. Hinges - we do not use Chinese components, we make hinges ourselves. Thanks to this product is more stable and reliable

5. Size - is about 60in high and 20in wide. The choice of good material makes it very light for its size - only about 1,2kg.

6. Payment, packing and shipping - see details  and FAQ.

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A&O graceful elegant folding room divider timeless #4

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