A&O Packaging - Stress Test

As fate willed, in 2022

we tested our packaging in a stress test, with a double load. The test was successful, and the details are as follows - we had an A&O graceful elegant room divider or privacy screen a-la Homar Gaspar  delivered to the USA. We packed the package "properly" -

The parcel flew by plane, this is proved by the photos below, the stickers of Russian customs at Sheremetyevo airport and on the way back - Pulkovo airport. Arrived in the US, went through US Customs and was handed over for delivery to the US Post - this is proven by the US Post USPS stickers -

The customer was not able to receive the parcel because he flew somewhere. That's his right - wherever he wants, that's where he flies. The U.S. Post Office got bored. After a month of boredom, USPS sent the package back to Russia. The package once again made its way to USPS + U.S. Customs + Russian Customs + Russian Post. The caring Russian people at Russian Post looked at the damage to the packaging, then took a special bag, put the package there and so in a bag and by hand brought it to us. We were afraid to open the bag. But we opened it and were surprised - yes, there is damage to the package. Rough work in the U.S.. But the shipment itself is undamaged -

The US Customs tore off a piece on the side of the package for inspection. Rude, insensitive barbarians. For comparison - Russian customs are inspecting without opening the package and put a "stamp" on which in large letters says - "DOSSIBLE. DO NOT OPEN until the end of transportation. There are two such stamps on the parcel - for the "way there" and for the "way back."

So when they try to sell us American family problems -

we know right away that they're trying to trick us.